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M7 Road Safety Concerns Highlighted – Jackie Cahill T.D.

In highlight ongoing road safety concerns along this stretch of the Dublin – Limerick motorway recently, Deputy Cahill called for digital overhead signs to be installed to warn road users of hazardous road conditions and slippery surfaces.

Speaking on this today, Deputy Cahill said: “There have been a number of serious accidents on the M7 motorway in north Tipperary over the years, and it is not irregular for constituents to highlight their concerns about this stretch of road to me.

“It is well known that this stretch of road has been examined on numerous occasions to try and improve road safety in the area, but unfortunately there is still a high number of incidents, and too many of them fatal, on this road.

“I am requesting that the Minister for Transport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) install gantry signs along the M7 in north Tipperary to warn road users of impending slippery surfaces. These overhead digital signs that display messages could help improve safety on the road in the event of a sudden change in driving conditions, which is known to happen from time to time.

“From speaking to engineers with expertise in this area, it is thought that the location of the motorway, with its proximity to hills in the area, results in increased levels of hail failing suddenly on the road and catching motorists by surprise. While this is not the cause of every accident on the road, it does seem to be an unusual and rare feature of the road due to its location in certain areas.

“I firmly believe that these signs should be installed with haste, so that motorists can be communicated with in the event of a sudden change in conditions, especially at this time of year. This and other efforts are needed along the M7 to prevent further unnecessary fatalities on our roads”, Cahill concluded.