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Deputy Lowry condemns the HSE’s failure to install a new ct scanner in South Tipperary General Hospital


Independent Tipperary T.D. Michael Lowry today condemns the HSE’s failure to install a new CT-Scanner at South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH)

Speaking earlier today on the issue Tipperary Independent T.D. Michael Lowry stated that the current CT scanner which is in operation for over 16 years has once again malfunctioned. This is despite the fact a new CT scanner was purchased over 3 ago and funding having being approved by the HSE in 2014 to build a new house unit for the newly purchased CT Scanner.

Deputy Lowry stated: “The absurdity of this issue, which I highlighted today, becomes even more ludicrous when we discover that there already exists a brand new CT scanner still packed in it’s box, waiting to be installed at the South Tipperary facility for almost 3 years. While it is understood that works are underway to install this new scanner I have been informed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) that it will be towards the end of 2016 before same is available for patients use.

As a result of the old CT scanner breaking down yet again, Hospital staffs are now obliged to transport urgent patients to facilities believed to include Waterford (52 min or 47.1km or 30 mls) and Limerick (1h-24 min or 82.6km or 51mls) depending on availability, for necessary CT Scans.

This incompetent state of affairs is causing unnecessary inconvenience to seriously ill patients, c the ambulance service and an overworked hospital staff, while also costing an already underfunded HSE unnecessary extra expense” concluded Michael Lowry T.D.



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