Irish people propose increased collaboration and information sharing on health care across the EU as part of discussion on Europe’s future

Participants joining online offered suggestions and solutions to health issues in Ireland and across Europe including the standardisation of health care in the EU; increased collaboration and information-sharing on health; and the development of more EU strategies on the prevention of health issues, such as those linked to cancer and obesity.

Those taking part also suggested that the EU work to manufacture more personal protective equipment in Europe, in light of shortages faced and the need of supplies from China in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

European Movement Ireland CEO, Noelle O Connell, said: “The pan-European MEET project provides a great opportunity for people in Ireland to engage in a meaningful, open discussion with participants from a variety of different perspectives and backgrounds on key issues for Europe’s future. This latest MEET discussion focused on health, one of the core issues of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Issues around health and health care have been to the fore of our minds, perhaps more so than ever for many, in the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was interesting to hear of participants’ suggestions and solutions to challenges around health in Ireland and across Europe at this meeting. We are grateful that people are willing to share their time to engage in meetings as part of this process of engagement through various meetings and events. The MEET project, as part of the broader Conference on the Future of Europe provides a unique chance for people to have their voice heard on future opportunities and challenges facing Europe. We’re delighted to work with the European Policy Centre on the project to continue to broaden and increase engagement in Ireland as part of the Conference, and indeed to ensure that Irish voices are heard as part of what will be very much a pan-European submission inputs to the Conference”.

Proposals from the series of MEET project meetings in Ireland will be collated with those from other such meetings across Europe to form a finalised report of suggestions that will be put forward for the Conference on the Future of Europe.

MEET Project meetings in Ireland are organised by European Movement Ireland with support by the European Policy Centre.

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