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Theatre and Music remembers John B.Keane and Padraig Pearse_The Source Arts Centre Thurles


One of your own – a vote for Tull is a vote for yourself!

The Successful TD follows the Trials, Tribulations, misadventures and hilarious antics of Tull McAdoo as he seeks re-election to the Dáil in the October Elections. Written by John B Keane in 1967 he displays his edge for humor and satire that are uncomfortably close to the politics of today.

Peppered with Keane’s gallery of madcap characters this show will have you laughing at politics (in a good way) from the start. Tull has roped in the help of his faithful daughter Kate while his wife nurses her various ailments in bed or Lisdoonvarna , but his arch enemy Flannery the local school teacher plans to scupper the election for Tull.

“Any man with a vote is a man to be respected. I’ll play with them, lie to them, sing dumb about them while I have a chance of a vote. That’s my livelihood. Don’t give me no more stink about the truth. Christ told the truth and they crucified Him…”

Based on The Letters of A Successful TD and An Irish Minister of State by John B Keane.
Adapted for the stage by Jon Kenny, Mary McEvoy and Michael Scott
The Successful TD
Saturday 29 October @ 8pm
The Source Arts Centre Thurles
Box Office 0504 90204
Jon Kenny & Mary McEvoy 1

New Blue Sioux perform The Murder Machine

New Blue Sioux are a creative collective of two, Mike Ryan and Geri Doyle based in Kilkenny. They fuse their raw, bare and beautiful sound and visuals and mix them together with modern technology in a creative exploration. Both Mike and Geri have recorded with different labels over the years, Mike with EMI Records as lead singer with Tuesday Blue and Geri and Mike with Island Records and Blackmarket Records.

‘New Blue Sioux’ have been together 12 years, playing with various guest musicians along the way. Over the years they have toured in USA, UK and Ireland, including the Electric Picnic, Oxygen, and a long running residency in Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny.

At their upcoming show on 03 November at The Source Arts Centre, they will be performing their own unique experimental musical translation of the Padraig Pearse series of studies known as ‘The Murder Machine’. The work identifies Pearse’s vision of what an education system should be – the honouring, nurturing and elevation of the individual regardless of their intellectual/creative abilities – and extends it into a vital musical piece.

Their sound swings from raw, bare and beautiful. Irish soul with a transatlantic flavour and a touch of Eastern spice – whether you are falling, crawling, walking, running or just standing still, come inside and enjoy the vibe – ladies and gentlemen this is ‘New Blue Sioux’.

New Blue Sioux perform The Murder Machine
Thursday 03 November @ 8pm
The Source Arts Centre Thurles
Box Office 0504 90204

The Murder Machine