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Irish eyes set to smile as Heidi Sheridan sets sights on Mrs World Crown

By Paddy Ryan

Irish American Heidi Sheridan set to take part in Global Pageant in USA

While many of us are familiar with Miss World, and Miss Universe, there is another up and coming pageant taking place in just 2 weeks time. Taking place on May 3rd and 4th, the Mrs World pageant will take center stage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ireland are set to be represented by US born Heidi Sheridan, married to Dublin entrepreneur Gareth Sheridan.

The Mrs. World Pageant, a competition for married women which focuses on serving communities while promoting the balance of titles as a career woman, wives and mothers has been running for over 34 years and is the most successful of its genre today. Mrs. World is the first beauty pageant for married women and was founded in 1984. Mrs. World features directors in 80 countries which has elevated the pageant to the largest and most successful of its genre in the world. Voted by Pageant Planet as the best Mrs. Pageant of 2018.

Heidi Sheridan married her best friend, Dublin born Gareth Sheridan, last September. She is American Irish and is proud to represent Ireland her adopted country where she will raise her family. Heidi also won Mrs. Ireland 2019 last September, and has been working on bringing awareness of the pageant and its importance to Irish Women.

Speaking on her participation in the pageant, Heidi Sheridan stated, “This pageant organisation celebrates women of all ages and races, highlighting past achievements, and accomplishments while glorifying in our titles as career women, wives, mothers and more. I am excited for the opportunity to represent Ireland on the Global stage and to represent Ireland proudly!’

The Mrs. Ireland World Pageant is also about serving the community, and so she spends her free time challenging others through The Serving Others Effect (#ServingOthersEffect), which is a 10 day challenge to do something for someone without anything in return one day at a time for 10 days. Heidi states that these acts can be on a bigger scale like joining a nonprofit and donating time and talents or can be something more personal like going out of your way to show kindness for someone in the moment.

Speaking further on this, Heidi stated “We all can do something small every day. For us, and everyone, showing kindness and empathy in our daily interactions in a micro and macro level can have a huge impact on other people. While this certainly has a positive impact on those we engage with, I have noticed that my own happiness increased as I helped people more. I keep thinking of the next thing I can do to help someone. It has pushed me outside my comfort zone on many occasions, but has also opened up a series of opportunities to me, which I would otherwise never have explored, or even had the opportunity to explore”.

Continuing, Heidi went on to say “We are constantly on social media creating a perfect picture we forget to live in the moment and connect with others. This challenge was a great reminder to build long lasting friendships while creating amazing memories. The Serving Others Effect can have a huge impact by lowering depression and anxiety and increasing happiness and making social connections in a world lived online”.

You can find The Serving Others effect on Facebook and Instagram where you will get reminders, through stories and quotes to think of someone and express an act of kindness and hashtag the journey. Take the 10 day challenge and post about your experience and challenge others; let’s make an effect. If the theory of six degrees of separation can be applied then this campaign can have a very positive impact not just the community but on a much larger scale, and in a world of fast paced actions and impersonal relationships the goal is to spread the message of kindness and see how much of an impact this can have.

If you are interested in getting involved with Mrs. Ireland World Pageant or with The Serving Others Effect please visit or call 086-173-0945.

Paddy Ryan