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How Garth Brooks Concert ordeal resembles Saipan

Saipan & Brooks

While sitting here in the comfort of my sitting room, laptop on my knees, cup of green tea on the coffee table, I am watching the World Cup 3rd and 4th place play-off between Brazil and Holland, 25 minutes gone, its game set and match, the bronze medals belong to the Dutch.

This lack of contest has made my mind wander to the week that has passed and all the fuss about the Garth Brooks concerts; I know what you’re thinking………….

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……….but with all the carry on in Ireland, especially in the news reports this week, headlines about the Garth Brooks ‘scandal’ has reminded me of some very similar to those of the summer of 2002, when the Saipan saga was the main topic on peoples lips as often as the weather.

There must be something about us as a nation, similar to small man syndrome that makes us blow up events that happen in Ireland out of all proportion and keep them rolling past their sell by date in a similar way to the Fast and Furious film franchise.

I had tickets organised for the Tuesday night so I was fairly browned off to hear that the concerts had been cancelled, but I was over it within a few hours.  Unlike myself though, some people kept it rolling even after the final midweek efforts to resurrect some sort of show to please fans and here is where the memories of Saipan came flooding back:

Ah Stop

The Blame Game:

2002 – Roy Keane’s fault – Mick McCarthy’s fault – FAI’s fault

2014 – Garth Brooks fault – Dublin Residents Fault – Promoters fault

The Mediators:

2002 – Bertie Ahern, Sir Alex Ferguson, Brian Kennedy (Keane’s Solicitor), Trigg’s the dog

2014 – Joe Duffy, Christy Burke (Mayor of Dublin), Enda Kenny, Ray D’Arcy’s Fix it Friday

The Speculation:

2002 – Keane left; Keane was sent home; Keane will play; Keane will never play for Ireland again

2014 – Concerts off; Concerts on; 3 concerts only; 3 concerts off; 3 concerts, 2 matinee; concerts off

The ‘Ah will ye leave it so’ Headlines:

2002 – ‘Roy Keane takes his dog Trigg’s for a walk’

2014 – ‘Garth Brooks fans protest over cancelled concerts’ on Saturday 13th July

Our reaction, or over-reaction even, to these events make me laugh, the Saipan incident between Keane and McCarthy was described by some as a ‘civil war’ in Ireland and the way we reacted to the concerts being cancelled was ridiculous, some anticipating recession part 2.   Fair enough it’s a big blow to the country but we all knew Wednesday, whether we liked it or not, that the concerts weren’t going to go ahead.

We just need to get a grip, have an initial rant to vent your disappointment over the inconvenience the cancelation has caused, get it out of your system, but build a bridge and get over it, there are more important things going on in the world than, a country singer looking to secure a retirement lump sum, cancelling a few concerts, we’ll live.


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