10 New Ways Of Styling Your Hair

By, Gemma Morris

Want a new do but don’t want to shell out a fortune? Well look no further we have the latest celeb hairstyles that can be achieved in the comfort of your own home.


  1. The Faux Bob

To achieve this look, all you need to do is curl you hair slightly and cleverly pin some bobbi pins in place. This style is so easy to do and it’s a great idea for anyone who is considering a bob but can’t brave the chop.


  1. The Fun Bun

It’s your normal everyday elegant bun but with a sexy twist by making it giving it that messy look.



  1. Sleek & Straight

Give your curling wand a rest and opt for straight and sleek hair. GHD hair straighteners are the best in the business and they ensure your hair will stay straighter for longer.



  1. The Elegant Ponytail

Tie your hair up anyway you desire then simply wrap a piece of your hair around the bobbin. Pin the excess hair underneath the ponytail where it can’t be seen and there you have it, it’s that simple.


  1. Up & Out Of The Way

Nothing says chic or elegance quite like a chignon. Having your hair in an up style is perfect for showing off a backless dress or on a hot summer’s day when you don’t want your hair stuck to the back of your neck.


  1. Plait it

Braid your hair then tuck the end underneath the plait and pin into place. This is quick and easy up do that looks great on everyone.



  1. Beach Waves

Plait your hair while it’s wet and let it dry, then run your fingers through your hair. Add some mousse and hairspray to create the perfect beach wave look.


  1. The Sideshow

Create and super sexy look and show off dramatic earrings but pinning one side of the hair behind your ear and let the other side fall gently in soft waves.


  1. The High Life Waves

This look consists of lots of volume with soft waves from the middle of your hair and downwards. Backcombing and hairspray are your best friend when it comes to this red-carpet look.


  1. That Hairband

Adding a chic hairband to a hairstyle has become very popular again with Blake Lively sporting one at the recent CFDA awards. Straight hair, curly hair or an up do, adding a hairband vamps up any hairstyle.