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Grainne Gault: “Elisha Would Have Wanted Us To Help Others”


Co. Tipperary Mum Grainne Gault last night gave her first public interview since the tragic death of her 14 year old daughter, Elisha, a month ago.

Speaking on TV3’s Pat Kenny Show last night, Grainne said she wants to help others in the same situation as that is what Elisha would have wanted. “She’s missed, terribly missed but Elisha would have wanted us to reach out and try and help others” said Grainne.

Elisha was hospitalised last May after trying to end her life for the first time and was assessed by a docter of the local Child and Adolescence Mental Health Service (CAMHS), just two weeks later they were told the 14 year old was not suitable for their services, and referred to others.

Elisha also disclosed last year that she was sexually abused but upon review of her case the DPP would not be persuing her case.

Grainne paid tribute to her daughter throughout describing her as “full of fun, friendly and outgoing” and also praised her for how well she was doing since her first attempt.

Elisha went missing on March 17th and her body was recovered in the Suir on March 25th of this year.

Editors Comment: Grainne came across as an extremely brave and well spoken person whose strength was second to none throughout, giving a very frank interview in the little time she was afforded. In an episode of the show where three national debates were spoken about (Use of Cannabis, Insurance Reform and Grainne’s story), neither of the aforementioned were given the time they truly deserved and needed as Pat Kenny rushed them along throughout. Grainne has reached down to the depth’s of despair and found a strength and determination that will encourage all after her to fight against the stigma around mental health.