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Tipperary Fight for Mental Health Services Committee Call For Meeting



The Tipperary fight for mental health service group was formed by a number of local people in Clonmel in recent months to highlight the loss of services that the county of Tipperary has experienced since the closure of Saint Michael’s unit in Clonmel and also the amount of suicides that has been happening in Clonmel and the county of Tipperary in the last number of years.

The lack services in the County of Tipperary in down to the lack of funding that has been put into the services in our county and where our citizens of both north and south of the county has to travel outside to seek help in Ennis and Kilkenny.

As one of the largest counties in the country our citizens should not have to travel that far too seek help and facilities like Saint Michael’s that was in Clonmel should be reopened again in Clonmel and Nenagh that would service both north and south of Tipperary.

The lack of services in the county was highlighted to Minister Jim Daly on a recent visit that he made to Clonmel and he promised that this would be looked into and at the present day no word has been heard since.

€10 million will be spent on a new ten bed crisis house for Clonmel in which the old one will be there till the new one is completed and that the Crisis house in Clonmel is on the grounds of Saint Luke’s in Clonmel. Money like this would be better spent in putting a unit like Saint Michael’s back into Clonmel and Nenagh.

The people of the county and the town of Clonmel has had enough and now is our time to say to government that we need our services brought back to Clonmel and Nenagh and for a better mental health service not just for adults but our children as well to be rolled out sooner rather than later.

Many groups who have volunteers do great work in helping people with Mental Health issues but government needs to step up and focus more and we are calling on the elected members of both houses of the Oireachtas and councillors to attend our meeting on Thursday May 3rd in the Clonmel Park Hotel to listen to the people who has lived experienced, carers, family members and many others who will attend just to see why we need better services in our town and county for Mental Health Service. This is why our group has been established to fight for our services and restore for what has helped many in the past.


Tipperary Fight for Mental Health Services Committee