Transfer of St Patrick’s Unit will confirm HSE arrogance – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said he will vigorously oppose any proposals by the HSE to press ahead with the transfer of the rehabilitation and respite unit from St. Patrick’s Hospital to the nearby Our Lady’s Hospital in Cashel. Deputy McGrath was speaking as fears continue to grow that the future viability of St. Patricks is being actively undermined as part of a face saving exercise being conducted by the HSE:


“The news that that this transfer looks set to take place reveals a breath taking disregard for the primary interests and well-being of the patients who rely on the St. Patrick’s facility.

Despite repeated warnings about the unsuitability of moving the rehab unit to the second floor of Our Lady’s, the HSE have not listened.

It demonstrates a bureaucratic mind-set that places the corporate image of the HSE ahead of a pragmatic and realistic assessment of patient need.

The fact is that if this transfer proceeds we will witness the disgraceful abandonment of a purpose built facility in St. Patrick’s.

It will also mean a de facto acknowledgement by the HSE that when it comes to spending public money, there is scant regard for how that money can best meet the needs of patients.

I am calling on Minister of State Tom Hayes to intercede immediately with his Fine Gael colleague the Minister for Health and to ask him to carry out an independent review of the reasons this transfer is even on the table,” concluded Deputy McGrath.