Tipperary Times welcomes Donna Duffield as Health Columnist

My name is Donna Duffield, I am 39yrs old and I have been teaching aspects of health since I was 17yrs old. I started out getting qualified in health and fitness and proceeded to work as a personal trainer and gym instructor for six years. I went on after that to study at degree level in the area of Psychology (BSc and MSc) for another six years to understand the role of the mind in the area of health. During this time I also practiced and taught meditation and spirituality for my own wellbeing and to incorporate a more holistic approach in my teaching of health. Thus now I teach mind body and spirit in order to accomplish a ‘total health’ effect.

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I have learned that a person cannot achieve health in any area without taking a holistic approach. An athlete for example is not coached on behaviour alone; he/she will have a personal trainer, nutritional advisor and sports psychologist to help them understand the role of mind and emotion in their specialised area. He/she will also be taught how to reach ‘The Zone’ which is in simple terms the present moment; meditation. The Zone is a dimension inside you that is not influenced by the mind and emotion, bodily pain and social pressure. Once entered all distractions are filtered out thus enabling the athlete to give 100% attention to the task at hand.

Total health is what I teach through well established holistic and simplistic methods! I train people in health and fitness, I teach healthy eating habits and I coach in the area of mind and emotion and meditation. This method can and should be used in all areas of your life, be it fitness, weight problems, nutrition, business, mental and physical health, relationships, family life and general wellbeing.

I have lived and breathed total health for most of my life; training, researching and refining my approach over the last twenty years. It is my love, passion and dream to pass on my knowledge and help others enjoy the benefits of total health and a great sense of well-being!

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