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Statement on Proposed Meeting with Minister Reilly

Deputy Michael Lowry has said that the proposed meeting for this evening in respect of Clonmel General Hospital is a waste of time and a futile exercise.


A multitude of serious issues in Clonmel General hospital are as a result of Minister James Reilly’s policy decisions, his total incompetence, and inability to understand that it is not possible to deliver a proper and safe service while slashing the financial budget at a time when the throughput of the hospital has increased drastically.

The management and staff at the hospital, who are doing an exceptional job under huge pressure for resources, have been let down badly by this Minister.

I don’t see any point in meeting a Minister who through his own bungling of a wide range of issues finds himself at the exit door of the Department. In the unlikely event of him being retained in the Department of Health I don’t see any point in meeting a Minister who has never shown any real intent in addressing the problems in Clonmel General Hospital.