Martin Brown states family carers must receive frontline bonus

Teachta Browne said:
“Family Carers do important work all of the time, but they deserve particular recognition for all the
additional work they have undertaken in the past two years in very difficult circumstances.

“Family carers are the forgotten frontline who protect our health service on an ongoing basis by
providing care to loved ones. This important care saves the state billions of Euro every year.
“Throughout the pandemic I was told by many family carers across Co Tipperary of how they were
left feeling isolated and abandoned by the government during the pandemic. Practically all supports
were withdrawn during the pandemic with day services and centre based respite services initially
withdrawn entirely, and only returning on a severally reduced capacity.

“This was a matter I had to raise in the Dáil and with the Ministers concerned a number of times on
behalf of families who contacted me to tell me about the huge impacts this was having on them and
their loved ones. “Informal respite from other relatives was also cut off as an option as family members were forced to isolate during the pandemic.

“Family carers were also not considered for PPE provision or vaccine prioritisation.
“Family carers are left behind by the government too often and cannot be forgotten again. Minister
McGrath must do the right thing and extend this covid recognition payment to family carers.
“Family carers do not get the benefit of public holidays. Their role is 24/7. Therefore, they will not
benefit from an additional day’s holiday this year. It is important that they receive this payment, in
recognition of their work.
“The government must give family carers the recognition they deserve. I am calling on the
government and Minister McGrath to do the right thing and reconsider their exclusion.”