With Halloween fast approaching Tipperary County Council wish to advise the public of the environmental dangers associated with the burning of items such as: rubber tyres; plastics; furniture; used engine oil; etc..

The Council accepts that bonfires at Halloween are a long-standing tradition steeped in our history and culture and do not seek to break such traditions. Therefore traditional bonfires made with uncontaminated wood is allowed.


However burning rubber tyres, plastic material; used engine oil; furniture, etc. releases over 50 toxins into the atmosphere the most significant of which are Dioxins. The burning of such material therefore is akin to the ‘uncontrolled’ incineration of hazardous waste material. The toxins are not destroyed but emitted into the air we breath and contaminate land around the bonfire.

Tipperary County Council request that residents of each community where bonfires are lit inspect and supervise the bonfire. Remember it is your children’s health and your own health, which is at risk in addition to your environment.

Tipperary County Council message to parents is
1. Supervise Bonfires
2. Keep to traditional material such as uncontaminated wood and straw
3. Don’t allow children to burn rubber tyres, plastic material, furniture, used engine oil or any other suspect material.

If you have any concerns in regards to the type of material or have information as to the origin of hazardous waste being supplied to the youth of the area for bonfire you can contact the Environment Section of Tipperary County Council on 0761 06 5000.



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