Five ways to create a good healthy start to your day!

1. Get your foundation right!


Get up 30/60mins earlier to have some quality time to yourself. Sit with your tea/coffee herbal drink and get in touch with the peace and stillness of the morning. Do not allow yourself to think about the day ahead, you will be in it soon enough! Spend at least 30minutes doing this.

2. As soon as you get up drink a glass of water to hydrate the body.

3. Eat breakfast regardless of your appetite. It kick starts your metabolism, fuels the body and energises the mind. If like me and most people in fact your appetite is sluggish in the morning, eat something light.

4. Try to introduce warm boiled water and lemon as a ritual in the morning before, during or after breakfast. I drink lemon and ginger tea with added lemon and ginger which is delicious. However water and lemon is just as good if ginger isn’t your thing. Warm water not only hydrates but also cleanses the body and is good for weight management. Lemon has numerous benefits also including, weight management, skin health and bowl regulation. Ginger has so many benefits it’s not funny, including absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients. Great for nose and throat congestion. It is an ingredient in antacid, laxative and anti-gas medicines. Great relief for nausea and vomiting even in pregnancy. Anti-inflammatory effects. It has immune boosting effects and is used in the treatment and prevention of many cancers.

5. Introduce one piece of fruit to your diet in the morning. I tend to find a banana is great in the morning due to its light and easy taste and texture but also it is a great source of energy to fuel your morning.

Tip:  The key to a good healthy morning is time and organisation. Good preparation the night before and extra time in the morning to get you prepared for the day ahead. It is not only essential for your health but it is also essential for a more productive and enjoyable day. Try for just one week and feel the benefits! 

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