New EU travel rules on Covid-19 booster

The new EU rule on Covid-19 vaccination comes into effect tomorrow, February 1st. There is a worry that this may cause many problems for many of those trying to board flights tomorrow.

The rule is that those travelling within the EU must have the Covid-19 booster shot, proof they have recovered from Covid-19 or be within the 9 month period of validity since their first vaccination.

Those vaccinated before May 2021 who have yet to receive their booster shot are the ones that this new rule will effect.

Many people in Ireland who are yet to receive their booster shot will still be within their 9 month period of validity since they original vaccine.

While discussing this new rule on Newstalk, Paul Hackett, the president of the Irish Travel Agents Association said: “The EU Digital Cert that we received in 2021 has 9 months’ validity from the date of the second vaccination. All EU states are applying this 9 month validity rule”.