Our apathy towards Healthcare is creating waiting lists

by Mike Edwards

Hospital waiting lists and bed shortages can be laid at the door of successive Ministers for a multitude of reasons, yet as usual those in power choose to ignore these reasons and subject those on waiting lists to platitudes and falsehoods.

If as an administration they can justify allowing multinational, multi billion euro companies to pay less tax as a percentage than the average minimum wage worker, if they can justify paying the private debt of multi millionaire bond holders, surely they can justify the funding of a decent fit for purpose health service.


Some would say that it is the access to private health insurance and having the funds to travel abroad for treatment that prevents them from seeing the suffering of those on waiting lists, I would say it is a perceived lack of accountability on their part, they believe that we as an electorate will never break their grasp on power, that we accept that this is our lot.

And to be honest I can see why they think this, we complain about lists, we complain about the service, we complain about the harried and stressed staff most at the brink of exhaustion, under paid and under resourced, yet when do we complain about the Government and HSE Management that oversee and control this service?

However it is not just us the people, that should shoulder the blame for a lack of accountability, as a democracy we are supposed to have an unbiased and uncompromising media, full of righteous fervour and investigative hunger, yet this media has not just become complacent but is through the ownership of a select few, now in the pockets and policies of political dynasties and corporate board rooms.

There is so much the media could do to promote the will of the people and the accountability of administration, that they could begin anywhere and already increase their integrity 100%.

I started with Hospital waiting lists maybe they could too!