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Beef Package Announcement Welcomed By ICMSA.

Commissioner Hogan Must Focus On Key Challenges Facing EU Farmers. – ICMSA.

The President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, has welcomed the announcement by Commissioner Hogan of a €100m aid package for the beef sector which has endured a very difficult period since mid-2018 and he said it is essential that the details of this package are finalised immediately and payments made to farmers to provide a badly needed confidence boost for the sector.

Mr. McCormack said that ICMSA had met with Commissioner Hogan in early April to seek such a package and felt confident, at that stage, that the package would be forthcoming and today’s announcement is very definitely welcome.  “We had made it clear to Commissioner Hogan at that meeting that Brexit losses were being felt by farmers right along the beef supply chain from finished cattle, stores, weanlings and calves and we still think it’s crucial that the support package recognises all farmers producing beef and addresses fairly the losses suffered by all those farmers”, said Mr. McCormack.

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