Roscrea Rallies To Help Youngster

Mason’s Aunt, Colette, along with a committee created to raise funds for Mason and his family started a Go Fund Me page on November 22nd, 2021, and as of this time of writing €29,227 has been raised. 

This is the story that Colette has written, 

Hi Guys, I am Colette, Mason’s Aunt and I have set up a committee called “Mason’s Journey” to help aide this little warrior, his brother Ryan and his parents, Aideen & David to help make their journey through cancer a little less daunting. 

On October 2nd, 2020, Mason, aged five, was diagnosed with a mid-brain tumour and two days later, in Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Mason had a tumour resection where surgeons removed 90% of the tumour. They could not remove all the tumour as Mason would be left with severe life altering complications. 

Mason had been left with severe right and left side weakness on his face, has had to learn how to walk, eat and crawl again with intense Physio, Occupational Therapy input and after six weeks Mason was allowed home for Christmas. 

Life changed after this. Mason had to endure intense appointments on a 3 monthly basis in Temple Street Children’s Hospital wherein he had numerous brain scans to determine whether the tumour was growing again. 

Devastatingly, exactly one year after his initial diagnosis, Mason’s parents were informed that the tumour had in fact grown back. Mason is undertaking intense Chemotherapy every week in Crumlin Hospital and will continue to do so for the next 18 months. This is the only option at present as his medical team fight to stop the tumour from growing to an even more life altering size. 

At present, our committee is organising numerous events in Roscrea and the surrounding areas for “Masons Journey” in a bid to help his family through this horrible process and assist them in covering the many costs of Mason’s Warrior-like Journey. 

We, as a committee have set up a Credit Union Account so we can have whatever is needed on hand at any given time and all monies raised her will go into Mason’s Journey account. 

Thank you very much for your time and every donation will go a long way in helping our little warrior.” 

You can donate to this great cause by hitting the link below to ensure that Mason and his family, Aideen & David (Parents) as well as Ryan, his brother have the best chance to tackle this illness.