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This Week’s Soap Highlights | Fair City Return, Ros na Rún Cliffhanger, Home and Away Goodbye & More

By Cian Taafe

Taking a look back at the biggest goings-on over the past week in Soap Land…

Did Someone Say Tommy Dillon? | Fair City

Just like the titular character in an old Western, Tommy “we must always use his full name” Dillon channeled his inner Dirty Harry and sauntered unexpectedly back into Carrigstown this week after a lengthy absence. In true Tommy Dillon fashion, the local hero gave no forewarning of his impending return and just rocked up casually to McCoy’s much to the surprise of the regulars.

While his daughter Caoimhe may have been happy to see her auld fella, many others were less than impressed to see the Kilkenny native back in town. Some were so disappointed at the comeback of Geoff Minogue’s character that Wayne Molloy, Bob Charles and Jane Black even went as far as founding the We Hate Tommy Dillon Society, in which the general gist of the inaugural  meeting was “we should chase him out of town with pitchforks and flaming torches!”

While the We Hate Tommy Dillon Society might be eager to get rid of the man himself as quickly as possible, here at the Tommy Dillon Fan Club the hope is he’s back for the long haul. Of course, let us not forget Rule #3 in the Fair City drinking game; Any time anyone mentions Tommy Dillon (full name only, obviously) knock back a shot…

Dire Straits For Tadhg Ó Díreáin | Ros na Rún

Ros na Rún wrapped up for the summer with a cliffhanger that left the future of the soap’s most iconic character, Tadhg Ó Díreáin, hanging in the balance. Macdara Ó Fatharta has played the role of Tadhg since the series’ inception. Over the years he’s gotten away with murder, rape and all sorts of criminal activity, yet has constantly remained a favourite with the audience.

In September Daithí Mac Suibhne joined the cast as Eoin Farren who arrived in Ros na Rún claiming to be Tadhg’s son. While acting like he wanted to get to know his father, Eoin was secretly plotting revenge on Tadhg for months because of how he had wronged his mother. Tadhg has been wise to Eoin’s scheming for a few weeks now, but it all came to a head in Thursday night’s finale when father and son started throwing punches.

Eoin bested his father in the scrap and Tadhg ended up unconcious, trapped in a coffin, as Eoin set the place up in flames. Part of me thought surely they can’t kill off Tadhg, the show wouldn’t be the same without him – he is to Ros na Rún as Alf Stewart is to Home & Away after all. The other part of me thought, he’s been getting away with all his wrongdoings for so long, maybe it’s time Tadhg got his just desserts. While I hope he somehow manages to worm his way out of it, it’ll be a long wait to September when we find out what happens next…

Who’s The Daddy? | Emmerdale

Charity Dingle made a brief return to our screens this week when her daughter Debbie visited her in prison, just in time for Charity to go into labour and give birth to a baby boy. This came as quite a shock to the Dingle family and the rest of Emmerdale village, because no one even knew that Charity was pregnant in the first place.

If Charity knows who the father is, she wasn’t letting anyone else in on that little tidbit of information, so naturally people began to speculate with most people assuming the baby was Declan Macey’s. Chas figured the baby was Cain’s, but he denied having anything to do with it, not that Cain Dingle’s word counts for much. It’ll probably be awhile before we find out the truth, but as well as Declan and Cain as suspects, I’d also add Jai Sharma, Ross Barton and DI Bails to that list. As it would be the most dramatic conclusion though, I’d be putting my money on Ross being the baby daddy…

It’s All Relative | Eastenders

The residents of Albert Square have all been becoming one big happy family lately, as more and more family connections seem to be made on a weekly basis. Every dynasty on the Square seems to be tied to another family in some way or other and this week it was time to cement the Carters and the Masoods together.

In the lead up to the 30th celebrations it was revealed that Shabnam Masood had given birth and abandoned her daughter on a doorstep many years ago, and she confided in Stacey Slater that Dean Wicks was the baby’s father. Over the past few weeks the scandal has come out and despite his daughter’s wishes Masood has been eager to track down his granddaughter. After finding Jade, Masood realised that he would destroy his relationship with Shabnam if he was the one to contact Jade, so he persuaded Dean’s mother Shirley Carter to go meet the girl.

Having been ostracised by most of her family, Shirley was keen to take Masood’s information and set off to meet Jade. When Shirley finds the girl, we see that Jade is not well and the Eastender’s crew have announced that they’ll be exploring a Cystic Fibrosis storyline with Jade. With Jade now very much in the picture we should see the bonds between the Masoods and the Carters deepen, especially given the child’s medical situation.

Exit Stage Left | Home & Away

[It’s probably worth noting I’m following the Australian airings of Home & Away which are two months ahead of the UK & Ireland, so this here is a Spoiler Warning]

It was announced in January that Steve Peacocke would be bowing out of his role as Summer Bay favourite Daryl “Brax” Braxton. Not long afterwards, we saw Brax locked up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and for the past few months we’ve only seen him caged up behind bars.

This week we finally saw Brax take a leaf out of Michael Schofield’s (obligatory Prison Break reference) book as he hatched a plan to escape and go on the run with the mission to clear his name. Since this is Home & Away not everything ran smoothly and it wasn’t long before news hit the Bay that Brax had died in a car accident during his prison transfer. As his family and friends mourned his loss, we found out that Brax is actually alive and well, but he explains to his best mate Martin “Ash” Ashford that it would be in everyone’s best interest if he were to remain “six feet under” and makes Ash swear to keep the secret, before driving off into the sunset…

Cian Taafe