Tears of a Clown – Coronation Street

Coronation Street are on to a winner with their latest storyline for cobbles favourite Steve McDonald. Usually the happy go lucky cab driver is at the heart of the comedy when it comes to the goings on in Weatherfield, but things haven’t seemed right with Steve for some time now, and this week it was confirmed that he is suffering from depression.


With such a high percentage of people who go through depression at some point in their lives, the Corrie execs have picked the perfect character to give this storyline to, as Steve is by and large one of the most relateable characters in the Manchester based soap, which should help maximise the awareness raised on depression with the particular endeavour.


It will be a troubling time for Steve over the next few months as he comes to terms with his diagnosis and will undoubtedly push his relationship with girlfriend Michelle to absolute breaking point or alternatively strengthen the bond between the two even further, but actors Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh are certainly up to the task.

With Peter Barlow’s trial taking place next week, the storyline involving Tina McIntyre’s murder, which has dominated the soap this year is seemingly coming to a close sooner rather than later, meaning the focus may shift even more toward’s Steve’s storyline, which is most certainly a good thing – the more we see of Steve the better!