The Soap Pundit Awards 2014 Winner | Best Overall Storyline

Niamh Leaves Paul For Michael
(Fair City)

Fair City Storyline

It’s rare that I’d consider an affair to be the standout storyline of the year out of all the soaps, especially considering there’s kidnapping, murder, hostage situations, fires and explosions happening all over the place, but when it’s done right an affair certainly can be most exciting of them all, as proven by Fair City this year. Breaking up Niamh and Paul was a bold move, but it certainly paid off and seeing Paul attack Michael in the street with a pipe in front of half the residents of Carrigstown was captivating. The aftermath has been equally as exciting seeing Paul do what he does best – scheme and plot vengeance! Tony Tormey, Clelia Murphy and Richard McWilliams have been at the top of their game as this storyline has unfolded and it’s great to see so many other characters being affected by this split with Rachel, Callum, Jane and Dermot amongst others getting dragged into the drama.

Source: The Soap Pundit