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| On 6 years ago

Ros na Rún & The Demise of the Dastardly Doctor

By Cian Taafe

It was only a matter of time before Karma caught up with soap villain extrordinaire, Dr Cathal Hennessy, who drew his last breath in this week’s outing to Ros na Rún. After months of deteriorating mental health, which I still think ultimately came down to that one time he woke up only to find no milk for his Coco Pops, Cathal’s craziness escalated and led to his final farewell.

The end came for Cathal when he lost the plot entirely and orchestrated a murder/suicide for himself and reluctant fiancée Berni. In true soap fashion, the cavalry arrive in the nick of time to save Berni’s life and her son Evan lands a punch on Cathal during the commotion of it all. As Berni begins to regain conciousness after being close to the point of no return, the focus shifts to the one and only Séamus Ó Catháin who proceeds to remove his, now iconic, farmer’s cap (which has become somewhat of a recurring theme when it’s time for a Ros na Rún regular to make their way to the Soap Opera Afterlife) as he spots the lifeless body of the villainous Dr Cathal, resting where Evan’s punch landed him, in a pool of his own blood…

While Cathal may have gotten his just desserts and not many will mourn his death, the loss of the man behind the character is what really stings… Garrett Phillips has been fantastic to watch in the role during his tenure on the Galway based Soap and is up there with some of the finest Soap Villains of all-time. While we couldn’t have asked for a more memorable exit during one of Ros na Rún’s finest ever episodes (not since the death of Donncha De Búrca have I been so engrossed in the drama), it is with a heavy heart I say, Cathal Hennessy Rest In Peace.

Cian Taafe