Rooftop Drama – Coronation Street

Watching this Friday’s outing, I came to the conclusion that more storylines should take place on the rooftops of Coronation Street.

Street residents gawked on as Andrea Beckett hung from the guttering of the Rovers Return when the ladder she was standing on fell from under her, as she was trying to talk her deluded ex, Neil, off the roof of the pub, and finally convince him that it was over,and that he had to stop harassing herself and Lloyd.

As gripping as the drama above The Rovers was, and watching Lloyd and Dev scramble to save Andrea down below, the real entertainment came from Tim Metcalfe who was stranded on the roof of number 4 after Neil nicked his ladder.

Tim finds himself stuck on the roof after repairing the TV ariel, so Sally can watch her period drama with that actress in it (you know, the one who’s in everything with the hair), and with all attention on Neil, Tim seeks help from Dev, but in the end it’s Kevin Webster who comes to the rescue.

Tim and Kevin

Joe Duttine, has been a great addition to the cast as Tim, going head to head with Simon Gregson’s Steve McDonald as funniest character on the cobbles. Expect more from everyone’s favourite window cleaner in the run up to christmas as Kevin’s return is likely to put a strain on Tim’s relationship with Sally. Not to mention troubled times ahead for Tim’s teenage daughter, Faye Windass.

Source: The Soap Pundit