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Rachel Reid Goes Missing as The Plot Thickens on Red Rock

By Cian Taafe

Thirty-Two episodes in and Red Rock continues to give it’s Soap Rivals a run for their money, proving that even the new kid on the block can keep its audience gripped with well rounded characters and throwing as many twists and turns our way as the veterans, with decades of experience, do. And now that the characters have been properly established, we’re really getting down to the nitty gritty with the storyline that has had people excitedly chinwagging around watercoolers nationwide these past few weeks…

We’ve known since the very first episode that Seargeant Brian McGonigle has been having an affair with fifteen year-old Rachel Reid, when fellow Garda, Sharon Cleere saw them eating the face off each other on some CCTV footage. Sharon was eager to shop McGonigle to the higher ups, but after her colleague Paudge Brennan advised against ratting out McGonigle and rocking the boat, she decided to sit on the information until she could gather more evidence.

When Sharon made the error of confronting McGonigle herself, it gave him time to cover his tracks and dispose of the CCTV footage before sending Sharon a message by orchestrating an attack which landed her in hospital. Unwilling to request a transfer to another Station, Sharon’s life was continuously made miserable by McGonigle as he proved his villainy shows no boundries. Sharon eventually stood up to her tormentor by reporting everything Brian had been up to, but with only her word against his (as the cowardly and craven Paudge decided to remain on the fence and not back up Sharon’s story) and McGonigle being the master manipulator, few people believed Sharon’s take on the tale.

While Sharon and McGonigle were initially the main focus of the storyline, last week saw Rachel Reid brought in for questioning over the allegations, but clearly smitten, she corroborated McGonigle’s version of events and Sharon was forced to take leave from work after being ostracised by her colleagues. While Rachel’s statement may have satisfied many, the whole situation being brought to light left Rachel’s father and sister, Liam and Niamh, concerned that Rachel is lying and that McGonigle is in fact guilty of what he is being accused of. Desperate for the truth to come out, Liam wants to see McGonigle’s head roll and insists the allegations be further investigated.

By the end of the latest episode, Rachel has mysteriously gone missing and with Red Rock’s finest off to find her and bring her home safely, it seems the net may finally be closing in on the contemptible Seargent Brian McGonigle…

Jane McGrath and Sean Mahon have been stealing scenes from the very beginning as Sharon and Brian, but it’s only now that the Reids are being brought to the forefront that Anthony Brophy, Róisín O’Donovan and Ann Skelly have had their opportunity to really show off their talents as Liam, Niamh and Rachel respectively, and cementing their place in the series (not to mention giving the Kielys and Hennessys a run for their money as #TeamReid may now be the cry of twitter fans as to who are Red Rock’s finest family). Brophy, in particular, who already has quite the colourful filmography, has been brilliant to watch these past few episodes and Liam Reid has now beaten some stiff competition to take the place as my favourite Red Rock character.

Kudos, of course, must also go to the wonderful writers, directors and all the rest of the crew who have continued to bring us these exciting episodes as the storyline has played out, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is eagerly waiting for the next installment…

Cian Taafe