Hollyoaks Hospital Siege

Over the past few years Hollyoaks Hospital has become one of the most popular sets on the Chester based soap, with Oaks residents in and out of the hospital on a weekly basis (unsurprising considering there’s a shooting almost every other week), so it seemed the perfect setting for the big hostage plot that took place this week.

Recurring bad guy Big Bob enlisted the help of Freddie Roscoe to pull off a drugs heist at the hospital, where a handful of Hollyoaks regulars were going about their business; Leela Lomax drafted in love interests Cameron Campbell and Ziggy Roscoe to help out her sister Tegan with raising funds for the college rag week, while Grace Black had accompanied Esther Bloom to get checked out after she had suffered dizzy spells, and Lindsey Butterfield had come in to try and get her job back as a doctor.

When Lindsey spots Freddie up to no good she confronts him, which leads Big Bob to panic and pull out a gun, gather everyone up and hold them hostage. As the hostage situation unfolds Freddie ends up getting shot in the stomach and thinking he might die, pregnant Lindsey admits that her baby might actually be his and she had lied about the DNA test she had previously taken.

Oblivious to what’s taking place in the building Tegan has locked herself in the lift with Ziggy to deliver a few home truths to him after Ziggy and Cameron get into a fight over Leela. Tegan tells him that Leela is no longer interested in him and that he has to leave her be. Just as Ziggy agrees to take a step back in the pursuit of his ex, Big Bob cuts the power leaving the two trapped in the lift, and with time to kill they end up sleeping together (obviously, because what else would you do trapped in a lift) right before the cables break and the lift drops endangering their lives…

Having managed to escape the siege, Leela and Cameron recieve a message from Tegan letting them know herself and Ziggy are trapped, so Leela heads back inside the hospital to rescue her sister, but first she has to get past Big Bob. While Big Bob is confronted by Leela, Cameron attacks him and during the scuffle Big Bob is shot dead, ending the siege, allowing Freddie to be brought to the operating theatre, and freeing Leela to go save her sister.

Hollyoaks Siege

When the dust settles Big Bob remains the only casualty but Roscoe brothers, Freddie and Ziggy, are left laid up in hospital beds, which is the least of their worries. Seeing him in a bad condition Leela realises she still loves Ziggy and calls their relationship back on, much to Tegan’s dismay, but it probably won’t be long before the truth comes out. Freddie convinces Lindsey and his younger brother Robbie to help cover up his involvement in the siege and just when it looks like he’s all in the clear during an argument with Cameron, someone overhears that Freddie was the one who killed Fraser Black, but who?

Of course it’s not just the Roscoe boys who have new drama ahead as the result of the Siege; Esther who is so grateful to Grace for saving her life during the incident, offers herself up as a surrogate so that Grace and her boyfriend Trevor Royle can finally have the baby they desperately want, which probably means Esther will get a pass on the money she stole from the reformed criminals.

Hollyoaks Siege 2

Oaks execs also used the hospital drama as a means to introduce two new regular characters to the show; Lindsey’s sister Kim played by Daisy Wood-Davis, and Andrew Greenough as Dr. Charles S’avage who also has ties to the village already.

And that’s all considered a regular week on Hollyoaks – honestly, sometimes I wonder why anyone continues to live in that village with everything that goes on there…