Dishonour Amongst Dingles – Emmerdale

The Dingles live by a particular code of ethics, the most important of which being that you protect your fellow Dingles above all else and look out for your family, so it’s hardly surprising that Charity was disowned by her clan once her secrets were revealed this week.


There was little doubt that Declan Macey had survived the lakeside terror a few weeks ago and it was only a matter of time before he resurfaced. When he re-appeared in the Dales on the day of his nephew’s funeral, all hell broke loose as a hostage situation played out at the wake.

As Charity lay unconcious up at Home Farm after her dastardly husband spiked her drink, Declan used Charity’s phone to summon Cain, Debbie, Zak, Sam and Chas to the wake, where he revealed all of Charity’s misdeeds to her family as well as her ex-husband Jai Sharma, while holding his own sister at gunpoint.

Emmerdale Charity

Not setting out to hurt anyone, Declan simply wanted revenge on Charity, by revealing that she was responsible for framing Sam’s girlfriend Rachel Breckle for the Home Farm fire at Christmas and then convinced Rachel to flee with Jai’s son Archie.

Charity was already in the bad books for using Debbie as a scape goat for her abortion, but finding out what she had done to Sam was the final straw and the Dingle clan went up to Home Farm to confront Charity and let her know that they were disowning her.

Charity should be worried, because not only does she have to worry about Declan wanting her dead, she now has Jai vowing to make her pay, and several of the Dingles, especially Sam, wanting their vengeance also. With so many enemies and all of her secrets come undone, could this finally be the end of Charity? Either way, looks like trouble ahead…

Source: The Soap Pundit