Damsel In Distress – Ros na Rún

Most characters in Soap Land don’t tend to have much luck on their side in general, but Ros na Rún’s Mack Ó Riain always seems to be that little bit unluckier than all the rest of them and has a habit of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time quite a lot, which can sometimes land him in hot water…

Since shifty Seán ended up in the back of Mack’s taxi a few weeks ago, Mack has found himself dragged deeper and deeper into the seedy underworld of Galway from shifting dodgy cigarettes to ferrying drugs before finally stumbling upon a sex-trafficing operation last week. Unwilling to turn a blind eye to the prostitution ring, Mack has vowed to help one of the girls, Ailbhe aka. Candy, escape her life as a sex worker.


True to form Mack has already taken action by diving into the situation with a half-cocked plan, donning a suit and hiring the “services” of Candy. Once behind the doors of a hotel room and away from Ailbhe’s sinister handler, Mack reveals to her that he isn’t actually there for a brief encounter, but to rescue her from the criminals and get her to safety.

When Ailbhe realises however that Mack doesn’t actually have a plan, merely an idea, she berates him for thinking it would be as simple as making a swift getaway. Leaving with Mack not being an option until he comes up with an actual plan, Ailbhe returns to her captors and Mack is left €150 poorer and forced to go back to the drawing board.

Without a doubt the drama is going to escalate for Mack over the next few weeks and it’s great to see Pól Ó Gríofa still steal scenes in his role after so many years on the soap, while Mary Conroy is a great addition to the Ros na Rún cast as Ailbhe. Here’s hoping our hapless hero manages to save the damsel in distress and finally have something go his way for once…

Source: The Soap Pundit