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A Trip To The Theatre 2 | Leper & Chip Review

By Cian Taafe

Back in October I took a time out from badgering on about the soaps for a little bit and ventured out to Dublin’s cultural underground to go see the play Joe Prop, then wrote a quick write up for it here, and due to the popularity of that post, just like a greedy Hollywood Executive I’ve opted to bring you this much anticipated Sequel to A Trip To The Theatre

This time around, I hit the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar to see Leper & Chip as it finished its current (and hugely successful) run. Once again to satisfy the Blog Content Nazis out there, I’ll point out that the play’s director and both its actors are also known for their Fair City roles, so there is a soap link there, tentative as that link may me (but also, it’s my Blog and I’ll write about whatever I pissing well want to – so go eat shit Blog Content Nazis!)

Leper & Chip is the debut from writer Lee Coffey, who offers up a slice of modern day Dublin in this fresh, funny, frantic and fast paced piece of drama from Bitter Like A Lemon Productions, which premiered at Theatre Upstairs last year. The dialogue scurries along at a million miles a minute, and a host of characters come to life as our two anti-heroes, Leper & Chip, reveal their tale with fantastic energy and gusto.

Karl Shiels, Theatre Upstairs’ Artistic Director and one of the leading voices in discovering and promoting new Irish theatre, takes on directorial duties on this production and beautifully brings the pages of Coffey’s script and the world of the foul-mouthed Leper & Chip to life in this contemporary, darkly comic two-hander with actos Conall Keating and Amilia Stewart in the titular roles.

Regular readers of the blog will know I endorsed Amilia Stewart as One To Watch in Soap Land this year, but people should probably look out for her in any project she happens to be working on because she turned in an outstanding and lively performance as Chip, while Conall Keating was also phenomenal in his portrayal as Leper giving it his all and literally dripping in sweat from leaping around on stage for the best part of an hour.

Make sure to follow both Bitter Like A Lemon Productions and Theatre Upstairs on all the social medias so you’ll be in the loop for the next run of Leper & Chip (which will hopefully be sooner rather than later because it’s truly brilliant), but also for news and updates on all the other great productions they’re churning out – Support The Arts!

Cian Taafe