paul brennan


As if life wasn’t tough enough these days for Paul Brennan, now it seems the poor man can’t even face his problems through the bottom of a pint glass in his local.


It was already bad enough that landlord Wayne Molloy has a long-standing grudge against Carrigstown’s answer to Donald Trump, not to mention the fact that his former lover who swindled him for a helluva lot of cash not too long ago, Jane Black, has also been pulling pints behind the bar in recent months, but now Paul has a third nemisis ruining his McCoy’s experience with the man who wrecked his marriage, Michael O’Brien, also working there…

Anyone would think that Paul would simply cut his losses and go around the corner to The Station to have a few quiet drinks there instead, but you have to give Paul credit for his persistence – nobody is going to run him out of his long time stomping ground.

Jane and Paul

It was hard not to feel bad for Paul this week as he was forced to watch Michael swanning about the place, but at least Michael has made the effort to be civil, unlike Jane who decided to kick Paul while he was down. Well to be fair to her, she did try to be sympathetic to his situation, but when Paul threw it back in her face the claws came out and Jane delighted in the fact that all his problems probably stemmed from her blackmailing him in the first place.

Having said that, Paul is always at his best when he’s miserable, so I’m also delighted by his current predicament as it gives actor Tony Tormey the opportunity to take centre stage yet again. It’s also great to see Rachal Pilkington return to the forefront and let Jane’s bitchy side shine through – we haven’t seen enough of that villainous streak recently.