The moment we’ve desperately been waiting for all year on Hollyoaks finally happened this week as it became time for twisted Finn O’Connor to get his comeuppance, after raping John Paul McQueen at the beginning of the year. Tense scenes unfolded as the trial began, bringing an end to the long running, critically acclaimed storyline…

It seemed for months that Finn would get away with his horrific actions with John Paul feeling too ashamed to open up about the ordeal he had experienced. Bottling up such a huge secret became too much for John Paul after awhile and he ended up lashing out at Robbie Roscoe in the classroom before ending up behind bars himself for several months, empowering Finn further.


Not until Finn attempted to rape Nancy on the eve of her wedding, did John Paul finally open up about what had happened and pressed charges against Finn. At last, it was time for Finn’s trial to take place this week, and John Paul and Nancy weren’t the only villagers agonising over the outcome.

The McQueens were all desperate to see justice served, while the news of Nancy’s affair with Rick Spencer coming out in the courtroom sent her husband Darren Osborne straight into the arms of Sienna Blake, of all people, which threw Darren and Nancy’s marriage into turmoil… again!

Finn & Diane

Diane O’Connor faced the biggest decision of the week as she struggled with the decision to give Finn a false alibi for the night of Nancy’s attack, unconvinced of her son’s guilt. In the end it was some moving words from Nana McQueen that forced Diane to face some home truths and refuse to give Finn an alibi, finally realising that Finn had committed the crimes he was being accused of.

It was great news for both the characters and viewers as the jury found Finn guilty of his sordid deeds, ensuring he would be locked up for a long time. It’s a shame to lose Keith Rice from the cast as he has played the part of Finn fantastically, but no love will be lost for the character who got what he deserved in the end, leaving his victims John Paul and Nancy free to get on with their lives.