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Outdoor Revolution set to Get Ireland Active at Dublin’s RDS

Outdoor Revolution is set to take centre stage at Dublin’s RDS on March 24th and 25th. The brainchild of former Tipperary hurler, John O’Brien and Chartered physiotherapist Tómas O’Connell, the show aims to showcase outdoor pursuits, sports, and promote healthy lifestyles.


Outdoor Revolution promises to be a fun, interactive, and engaging show focused on improving Ireland’s physical and mental health through nutrition, fitness, outdoor activities with a host of speakers set to inspire attendees and the next generation of sports stars.


Outdoor Revolution is targeted at families, and people who are interested in getting healthy, fit, and active through outdoor activities. The show itself will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn about the wide range of outdoor activities available, as well showcasing sports companies who are leading the way with health, and innovative products.

At their launch at Dublin’s RDS, Sonia O’Sullivan championed Outdoor Revolution.  Speaking to the assembled press, Sonia stated, “It’s something that I do every day. I think if people can put aside one hour a day for themselves, and if you can do it outdoors then all the better. There can come a time where you can’t run every day, so it’s important to mix it up, maybe go swimming for a while, or go cycling, or walking and eventually you work out that the best thing is to do a combination of them all. What I have found, is that I have met great people from many different places doing these activities.


“There is so much choice out there now for people, and that’s what Outdoor Revolution is about – it is to show people that there is so much you can do.”


O’Sullivan also spoke about the positive impacts of outdoor recreation for improving mental health. “Even from something as simple as going for a walk, I find it easier to talk to people if I’m outside with them. If you go for a run, a bike ride, a walk it definitely encourages you to talk and open up. It opens up different emotions within you, and you react better I think. I run with a couple of friends, and we all say – it’s as much for your mind (as anything) and you miss it if you don’t do it.”


“It’s important for people to just, run out of the door – and you drop anything that’s bothering you, things that are worrying you – it’s an escape, to get out there and do something”, concluded Sonia.


Speaking about the show, co-founder John O’Brien stated, “Outdoor Revolution will provide a platform for people of all ages and abilities, beginner to experienced, to connect with various outdoor sports and get active outside”.


The show was launched by Sonia O’Sullivan, pictured above, and is also supported by Cycling Ireland, Athletics Ireland, Pieta House, and Rugby Players Ireland.


“We are delighted to partner with an event that aims to inspire us all to live a more active, healthier and happier life,” said Isaac Boos, Relationships Manager with Rugby Players Ireland.


“We look forward to hearing some of the country’s top sports people discuss many topics including injury prevention, how best to deal with injuries and the transition from team sport which is something that affects all our Rugby players when they retire.”