Guess Who’s Back… – Fair City

Executive Producer Brigie de Courcy promised in a recent interview that we’d see the return of some old favourites to Fair City in the coming months. We’ve already had a fleeting return for Rose Henderson as Val O’Dwyer who made an appearance for Christy Phelan’s funeral, which also saw the comeback of Una Crawford O’Brien as Renee Phelan who seems to be making herself comfortable and settling back in to life in Carrigstown.

When Christy passed away many assumed that would be the end of the Phelan’s, but it seems if anything it’s bringing them back into the fold stronger than anything, with Christy’s daughter Farrah and ex-wife Renee unpacked and back running the family shop. As sad as it was to see actor Tom Hopkins say goodbye to Carrigstown after such a long run in the soap, it seems Christy’s death is the gift that keeps on giving with his brother Hughie making a surprise re-appearance in the final scene of tonight’s episode…

Hughie Phelan

Ask anyone who’s been watching Fair City since the early days who their favourite character has been, an awful lot of people will say the name Hughie Phelan. Joe Hanley was the first member of the Phelan clan to step foot in Carrigstown and it was through him that the rest of the family were introduced. Hughie and his wife Natalie are one of the most loved couples in the history of Irish Soap (with the exception of perhaps Glenroe’s Biddy and Miley), but settle down Natalie fans as sadly it looks like Hughie has returned on his tod this time.

While it may seem that Hughie is only in town for a flying visit to say a final goodbye to his recently deceased brother, word from the Soap Opera Rumour Mill is that it may be a extended return for Fair City’s Prodigal Pizza Chef – let’s hope so anyway, because even from that brief 30 second scene we saw him in, it’s an absolute pleasure to have Joe Hanley back on screen. Hughie won’t be the last returnee in the near future as another familiar face will be making an appearance this week, albeit after a much shorter stint away from the show…

Source: The Soap Pundit