Exhibition – Proscenium – Tipperary Arts Centre

Date: 11/07/18 – 17/08/18
Time: 10am – 5pm
Free Event
An exhibition of paintings by Helena Gorey  &  Raku Tea Bowls by Rob Pearson

Helena Gorey’s abstract colour field paintings are representations of an ongoing dialogue between herself and the natural world around her. Her senses, feelings and thoughts are developed by being immersed and rooted in her native place. The play of light on new spring grass, the misty blue of far-away mountains or the delicate colours of small wild flowers. The essence of the landscape is distilled and is then transferred to the canvas.

Rob Pearson’s tea bowls are based on the 16th century Japanese aesthetics of spontaneity and apparent artlessness who found beauty in the natural, unrefined and imperfect. The tea bowls are first thrown and then sculpted into an asymmetrical form, the glazes are likewise intuitively applied thus giving the user an assortment of landscapes and vistas to view and caress.

If you look, you will see.

“Gorey is patient and serious, and everything she does seems entirely necessary and right.” – Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times