Today I fought a monster by Mike Edwards

Today I fought a monster, through no fault of mine, it is of my own creation, the powers it has, are powered by my own fears.

This monster is not of flesh and blood, it has no teeth, nor claws, yet everyday it’s power over me tears at my very soul.

This fear and dread is mine to defeat, the power is within me to not only win this battle but win the war for my future.

Today like other days I faced this monster with a lack of self worth, I may understand self worth and be self aware, I may know that this monster wants me to feel fear and self loathing, that, it is one of its greatest weapons, yet I am powerless in the face of these weapons, but I stand my ground and do not back down.


One of its best armed allies is the State in which I live, this entity, this edifice of virtue and compassion everyday turns a blind eye to my plight, it has many platitudes and “reasons” as to why I suffer, it claims economics, prevent a full and inclusive solution, it claims that there are no easy answers, maybe not but surely a start must be made.

I have some allies, they are in communities and groups, even individuals, some try, to organise and educate, some who despite not having all the answers, go out everyday and fight for people like me, whether they are fighting my monster or that of someone else, they at least join us in battle, to them I say thankyou for your help and your compassion.

The battle continues everyday, And the day approaches in which I will win, and on that day I hope to rejoin the battle as an allie to others fighting monsters.

But just for today I fight back!