Tipperary resident restrained from claiming ownership of Kennedy letters.

Rare letters to Irish priest to be sold at auction next month.

The High Court has ordered a Tipperary based rare books expert from representing himself as the owner of letters written by Jackie Kennedy, wife of former US President John F.Kennedy.

A dispute has arisen over the letters which were written to an Irish priest between 1950 and 1964.

Mr Justice Kelly has granted temporary injunctions against Cahir based Owen Felix O’Neill from representing himself as the owner of the cache of letters written by the former first lady.

Details of the letters were published in the Irish Times this week – Mr O’Neill, with an address at Market Street, Cahir was apparently miffed that he had not been mentioned in connection with the discovery of the letters.

It’s alleged he may have taken photos of some of the letters without the permission of their owners or sellers and given them to a US newspaper.

The letters were written by Jackie Kennedy to Dublin based priest Fr Joseph Leonard before and after she became first lady.