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“This letter reveals the sinister agenda crippling the National Children’s Hospital,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described revelations by a senior consultant at St James Hospital in relation to the controversy surrounding the proposed new National Children’s Hospital (NCH) as explosive and deeply concerning. Deputy McGrath was speaking after he was given a copy of the letter written by the senior member of staff by Mr Jonathan Irwin of the Jack&Jill Foundation to whom it was originally addressed:

“This letter is a profoundly disturbing insight into the true nature of the infighting and pathetic machinations at work behind the drive to have the new NCH established at its current proposed location.

The specific matters that have been raised by this senior consultant speak to the very serious feasibility concerns that are continuing to plague this whole project but which are even now being sidestepped or deliberately ignored.


This senior consultant reveals that not only are the interests of our nation’s children being put at active risk, but also that if the current site location proposals go ahead then it is feared this will result in a lock down of the entire hospital campus of St. James for an indefinite period of time.

The language in this letter, which cannot have been written lightly, also talks about the scandal of how pressing electoral concerns, corporate medical politics and deeply vested interests are being allowed to ride rough-shod over legitimate, evidenced based concerns.

This is truly terrifying language from such a senior member of staff and calls for an immediate review of the current political determination to have the NCH proceed on the current site.

I hope that the Minister for Health will take the contents of this letter very seriously and move to have all the matters raised within it critically examined at the highest level.

Since we owe the children of this country the very best in terms of world class medical care we need to demonstrate that they are not being used as pawns in what is becoming an increasingly clear demonstration of how their interests are actually being undermined in the pursuit of a dubious alternative agenda,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

St James Consultant Letter