The Tús Initiative

Tús has rightly been described as a valuable tool for community based training and participation, both the individual and the community have much to gain and learn during the programme. However it is vital that the community does not interpret the allocation of a Tús worker as a free communal resource, the worker must be seen as an addition to rather than a replacement of community participation.


Communities must strive to encourage a growth in the overall participation of its residents through the planned work programme of Tús, with targeting initiatives and public awareness, communities can use the Tús worker to grow and enhance both the skills of the worker and those in the community who participate in any activity carried out.

For too long various employment schemes and back to work programmes have been used to offset and replace paid employment operatives, Tús as a programme within the workers own community has the opportunity to be more than a numbers exercise, it has the capacity to educate and train individuals in community participation.

Communities that can seize this opportunity and grow its value among the residents will build a sense of ownership long missing, with a stronger sense of ownership, communities are far more likely to be productive and self-caring.

Tús workers also need to benefit through a better financial package, however this is something for the State to deal with in the future.