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Security Alert for residents of Tipperary


Residents of Tipperary have been warned of a con artist operating in South Tipperary. Over the last 24 hours, a man driving a 10-TS car, has been using false claims to gain entry to the homes of elderly women.

The man in question claims to check windows in the victims homes due to a recent rise in home robberies, but while in the house, the man steals cash and personal belongings.

The man is said to have dark hair and sallow skin, wearing blue jeans and a short sleeved puffed jacket. The man is also believed to be driving a silver jeep.

This is the latest in a series of scam plots aimed at residents of Tipperary. A similar plot was uncovered where men claimed to be working on behalf of Irish Water in order to gain access to the homes of elderly people near Cashel and Thurles.

If you hear or see any suspicious activity, please contact the Gardai in you local town.