Roscrea Stands Up Youth Action Working Group Open Day

On Thursday of this week, the Youth Action Working Group of Roscrea Stands Up, held an open day for clubs and societies in Roscrea. {Photos at end of articles]

The event held in Colaiste Phobal thanks to the support of school head Mr Gerard O’Brien was attended during the morning session, by all pupils and teachers, they were then followed by those on PLC courses.

The behaviour of the pupils was not just a credit to their parents and school, but to a community that has suffered so much.

Attending the event to display their activities and opportunities, were a wide variety of sporting clubs and social activity clubs, hurling and fishing to scouting and Toastmasters.

Image by Mike Edwards
Image by Mike Edwards

During this morning session pupils took part in demonstrations of Fishing, badminton skills and many more sporting activities.

A great display on racing pidgeons and their care was a very popular stand as was the working dog and racing dog stand.

The age range of those running the stands was a testament to community participation with pensioners giving talks on their particular interest to young teenagers and 6th years.

Of particular interest was the Cardiac Responder Stand, the responders were very impressed at the level of knowledge and the have a go spirit of all the pupils.

A majority of pupils took the opportunity to practice on the resusitation dummies and the training  defibrillator.

During the evening session parents and residents of Roscrea took the time to talk to and question all groups attending.

The days event was a spectacular success, I would hope this is the first of many open day events in Roscrea, if the working groups in Roscrea Stands Up can organise and run such a powerful and worthwhile event, the future for Roscrea is bright and positive.