Roscrea To March Against the Water Tax

The newly formed ‘Roscrea Against Water Tax’ group is organising a protest march through the North Tipperary Town at 3pm on Saturday, October 11.  The march will assemble at the old Tesco car park, before marching along the Main Street.  The march is non-party political and people are encouraged to bring their own banners and placards.

Speaking about the march local resident Mike Edwards said – “Over the last few weeks there has been a dramatic increase in the levels of opposition to the water tax.  In Dublin, Waterford, Wexford, Cork and other counties thousands of people have joined protests and public meetings against this unjust tax.  Many communities are now also stopping the installation of unwanted water meters.  It’s time for Roscrea to play its part in the campaign to defeat the water tax.

water tax

We’re organising the march on Saturday to give people from Roscrea and the surrounding communities an opportunity to demonstrate their total opposition to the water tax and the installation of water meters.  We need to send a strong message to the Dublin government and Irish Water that our water is not for sale – at any price.”

Mike continued – “Access to clean water is a basic human right.  Water provision and the disposal of waste water are two of the most basic building blocks of any civilisation.  To now turn water into a commodity, which will only be available to those who can afford it, is a backwards step for our country and our society.

The introduction of the new water tax is the first step on the road to the full privatisation of water services and water resources across Ireland. Anyone who says different is either a liar or a fool.  Everyone who is opposed to the privatisation of our water services and water resources needs to take a stand now against the introduction of metering and billing.”

Mike concluded – “Many people in our community simply cannot afford another new tax, especially when that tax is being paid for something that they have already paid for through central taxation.  Our march on Saturday is a non-party political, family-friendly event that will allow our entire community to stand in solidarity with each other.  Together we can prevent the installation of water meters and refuse to pay the unjust water tax.  And if it comes to it we can prevent Irish Water from cutting off anybody’s water supply. I’d encourage everyone to join the march on Saturday and bring your family, friends and neighbours with you.”