Roscrea Cardiac Responders Presentation Night

by Mike Edwards

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Tonight Roscrea Cardiac Responders are delighted to present External Automated Defibrillator’s (AEDs); these AEDs will be available for emergency public use.

The first AED is presented to the Town of Roscrea, this unit will be placed on Main street in the coming days, this AED was sponsored by Roscrea Lions Club, and it is thanks to the help and support of Bill Smith that this has been possible, We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill on behalf of the people of Roscrea.

DSCF2848 (Small)

The second AED is presented to Kennedy Park, this unit has been paid for through fundraising both by ourselves and the residents of the estate, however without the sizeable personal donation made by Cllr Michael Smith we would have fallen a long way short of the total needed, We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cllr Smith on behalf of the residents of Kennedy park.

The third AED belongs to the Abbey Hall; this unit has been recommissioned thanks to the support of Mr John Lupton and the Abbey Hall Committee, the next step is the purchase of an outside AED box so it can become part of the Public use network being developed in Roscrea by the Responders, if anyone here is feeling generous €250 would do the job!

There will be a fourth AED, this is at present awaiting upgrading, it is with the support of the management and staff of Roscrea Town Centre and the shops within that this will be achieved.

On the night the certificates were presented by Brendan Ryan of the Roscrea National Ambulance Service, the Responders are very grateful for Brendans help and support, the National Ambulance Service are a life saving front line service and Roscrea Cardiac Responders are here to augment that service where needed, but cannot replace such a vital key in the life saving chain.

I would now like to thank Lua Ryan for his outstanding support of the group, he has provided us with a place to train, and meet, along with many other supports, it is important to remember that Harry Knott of has been invaluable in his advice and support, not to mention his pricing. Harry has been very kind to us and we hope to buy more AEDs soon.

I also take this opportunity to thank the people of Roscrea for their support and patience while we get these AEDs up and running, and finally yet importantly I thank the Responders themselves for their commitment and hard work.