Rocky McGrath Queries Lack of Progress on Newport Roads Works

Former County Councillor for the Newport area, John ‘Rocky’ McGrath has expressed serious concern with the delay in having planned works completed by Tipperary County Council. Rocky McGrath stated that during the lifetime of the last Council, money had been ring-fenced to complete much needed works in the Newport area, unfortunately with the winter fast approaching much of this work remains undone.


Rocky McGrath stated;

“Prior to the election, I fought for an allocation for specific problems in the wider Newport area. At the time myself and my fellow Councillors were delighted to have been in a position to put aside money to ensure that these works were done. Unfortunately it seems that very little has been achieved in recent months.”

Rocky McGrath flagged a number of projects that have seen regrettably little progress since the election.

“I am concerned that the works on roads at Rootagh-Drombane, Foiduff, and Glenn has not been done.”

“Nothing has been done to tackle what is clearly a serious safety issue at Shower, Ballymackeogh, where the land falls away sharply from both sides of the road. At the time myself and Council officials met with landowner and agreement was made that improvement works needed to be completed as soon as possible to prevent a serious accident.”

“The required flooding works at Coolruss have not been started yet and we are now facing into flooding months.”

“Unfortunately there has been very little work even started on these projects and I am genuinely concerned for those living in the areas where these programmes were agreed. Many of these roads are dangerous at the moment and my concern is that the weather will soon be too bad to start any of these works. The residents will then face another winter of treacherous road conditions.”

“The money was put aside and I can see no reason why these works have not been done. Time is running out and the Council need to commence these works as a matter of urgency.”



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