Revenue seize drugs destined for Tipperary

During a routine search of two houses in Dublin on the 11th January 2022, Revenue officers seized several parcels from the premises which had illegal drugs worth over €3330,000 worth of illegal drugs in them.

This included 15.5kg of herbal cannabis and 5,528 Zopiclone tablets. There was also a number of CMC crystals, hash cakes, cannabis resin, cannabis oil, butane honey oil and LSD tablets.

Drug detector dogs Sam and Bailey assisted in the search of these two houses in Dublin. The parcels had originated in the US, Canada, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.

The parcels discovered were labelled as tea, coffee beans, textiles, Christmas gifts and food stuffs. As well as Tipperary, these drugs were destined for Louth, Kildare, Cork, Kerry, and Wexford.