Repossessions/Evictions Must Be Stopped—Seamus Healy TD

56 Court Orders for Repossession of Tipperary homes were granted from Jan to September this year according to the Courts Service and further orders have been granted since then.


There must be a complete freeze on repossessions/evictions until the housing and homelessness crisis is solved.

Government Banks —PTSB, EBS and AIB owned by the state, sought the eviction of 62 householders At Clonmel Circuit Court and at Nenagh Circuit Court in the month of November 2015. The number is up from 11 in six months, almost a six fold increase.  Another raft of repossessions is being sought in this month of December


The total number of repossessions being sought, when non-state owned banks are included is 162

The Labour/FG government, which owns the state banks, is seeking the repossession/eviction of 72 Tipperary families from their homes with the Nenagh List yet to come this month

Has the Labour/FG government given the go ahead to state owned banks to seek widespread repossessions the modern equivalent of the battering ram! Clearly they have. They must be stopped

The total no of cases has increased in Clonmel from 41 in April to 75 in November -Repossession applications have almost doubled in 6 months. A similar increase is taking place at Nenagh Circuit Court. The predicted Tsunami in repossessions is now in full flow.

Thousands (25%) are surrendering their homes without going to court because of sustained pressure from the Banks.

The numbers in emergency accommodation are rocketing 

This is only the tip of the iceberg as most “emergency accommodation” is being provided by kind relatives.

I am calling for a halt to all repossession of dwelling houses immediately. The emergency situation in housing and homelessness must be urgently addressed by government.