Prank calls to emergency services are putting lives at risk

A hoax call to Waterford Ambulance Service yesterday evening has caused outrage as thousands of people slammed the actions of the caller. The individual in question stated they were going to jump into the river which lead to 11 search and rescue organisations responding.

Speaking to Tipperary Times, Michael Hickey of Carrick River Rescue was very critical of the hoax. “We copied and pasted the post from Waterford to highlight the harm that hoax calls can do. We wanted to show that these actions are putting peoples lives at risk”.


Michael spoken further about how this is not something unique to Waterford, but something he experiences also with Carrick River Rescue. “We are at the front line for search and rescue operations locally and nationally. We are no strangers to hoax calls. They ring us at all hours of the morning, calling our team to action. While we’re out following up on this false lead, we wouldn’t be able to respond to genuine calls. It’s wreckless and unacceptable”.

Mr Hickey called on the public to be considerate and not to call emergency services unless there is a genuine emergency.

Before finishing the interview, Michael spoke very highly of his colleagues in Carrick River Rescue. “We are a voluntary organisation, from the guys out in the boats to the guys in the shops, every one is fantastic. We simply wouldn’t be able to exist without all the help we get. The shop assistants give their time to help out with the shop which is our main source of funding. We have 8 boats at the minute and we’re one of the oldest and biggest search and rescue organisations in Ireland.”

Michael concluded by stating “We never call off a search until the job is done. We simply won’t leave a family on the river bank wondering what is happening. I really can’t praise the lads enough. For a voluntary organisation to work as well as it does is amazing and it’s great to see the enthusiasm from the team.



Carrick River Rescue are a fantastic organisation and a testament to the hard work done by volunteers throughout Tipperary.