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Power guilty of Rossiter Murder

Today, a jury in the Rossiter murder case, returned a verdict finding Maurice Power guilty this afternoon at the Central Criminal Court


Power has been sentenced to life in prison for shooting dead of Rossiter in Co Tipperary in 2012.

Shane Rossiter was shot twice with a shotgun at his rented home in Golden on 17 October 2012.

Maurice Power admitted his part in the murder of Mr Rossiter and told Gardaí that afterwards he destroyed the murder weapon, a shotgun, with a grinder and burned the getaway car along with the clothes he was wearing.

Mr Power also told Gardaí that after the murder he felt happier, safer and very relieved – like a serious weight had been lifted.

Ms Justice Deirdre Murphy sentenced Mr Power to the mandatory term of life in prison.

The Rossiter family described the killing as an evil act that will haunt them forever.