Morris calls for protection of water as a natural resource

Cllr. Seamus Morris (Sinn Féin) has proposed two motions for the upcoming Nenagh Municipal District Authority meeting (below)

Cllr. Morris has been critical of Irish Water since its creation. Our interview with Cllr. Morris will be published tomorrow.

Motions for the Nenagh Municipal District Authority in the name of Cllr. Séamie Morris:

  1. “That this authority calls on the Government to respect the wishes of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Irish citizens – including many thousands in this municipal area – by abolishing Irish Water (Uisce Éireann) and returning it’s staff and financial resources to the local authorities who are best positioned to upgrade the water infrastructure throughout the country.”
  1. “That this authority recognises the economic importance of Lough Derg to Co. Tipperary, and because of that this Authority calls for a referendum on keeping the waters of the state in the ownership of all the citizens of the state.”



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