Morris calls for intervention with Limerick University Hospital trolley crisis

Morris calls on Tipperary County Council to ask the Limerick Fire Chief to intervene in the crisis at Limerick University Hospital

Cllr Seamus Morris today called for an intervention into the trolley crisis at Limerick University Hospital. In a letter to Tipperary Times, Cllr Morris was extremely concerned that peoples lives were on the line as the escallating trolley crisis at Limerick University Hospital continued.

Cllr Morris also pointed out in his letter that such over crowding in hospitals would lead to public and patient health issues as disease would spread with ease through the hospital corridors.

Morris also called on the Limerick Fire Chief to take steps to relieve the over crowding by issuing a strict fire certificate with maximum trolley counts included, along with regular audits.

The letter in full from Cllr Seamie Morris, MCC

“I am asking Tipperary county council, through a motion at our next Nenagh Municipal Meeting, for the fire chief in Limerick to intervene in the Trolley Crisis at Limerick University Hospital.

The blockage of all 16 Ambulances serving the Mid West region yesterday was the final straw of final straws, and the safety of the people of my municipal area is now being put at serious risk and it is now time for the Fire Chief to step in.

There is a loose arrangement between the Fire Chief and the management of the Hospital to keep the trolley count under 16 (answer to PQ from Cllr McCreesh November 2016), and we now see that this has been flagrantly and dangerously abused with trolley counts into the 40s, showing that the Hospital management need to be forced to take action in order to protect the safety of the people using the so called centre of excellence.

We will be told that the crisis is because of the flu epidemic but we all know that it is the job of Hospital management to plan for such epidemics. Of course the TDs in Tipperary that supported the ill fated reconfiguration of the Hospitals in the Mid West will be keeping their heads down yet again.”

The motion submitted by Cllr Morris states “That this municipal area calls on the Limerick Fire Chief to take steps to alleviate the constant overcrowding at the Limerick University Hospital including a stricter Fire Certificate with regular checks on the trolley count”