Lowry Slams Government on ‘Deplorable Neglect’ to Elderly from Waiting Times for Fair Deal Scheme

Speaking in relation to a Private Members Motion on the Fair Deal scheme Deputy Lowry slammed the Government for failing elderly and vulnerable people the length and breadth of Tipperary.

Deputy Lowry stated;

Senior Woman Warming Hands By Fire At Home

“The fair deal nursing home scheme has descended into farce. Minister Varadkars empty rhetoric will not address the scandalous waiting times between approval of subvention and its actual payment.”

“Waiting lists are 4 months from time of approval which is causing crippling financial hardship to numerous families in every part of Tipperary. This deplorable neglect is causing huge levels of anxiety and fear among elderly, sick, vulnerable people.”

“This Government needs to understand that this every increasing mess can only be resolved by providing additional funds to meet the increased demand on this critical service.”